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November, 6, 2009

Dr. Dai visits STAR Lab and presents IBM's Smarter Planet, which calls for greater optimization and control of our resources, including the transportation sector. (Dr. Dai in STAR Lab)

October, 13, 2009

Harbin Institute of Technology visits STAR Lab, in addition to other transportation research/operations facilities in the Seattle area. (Harbin Institue of Technology Visit)

October, 4, 2009

A Memorandum of Understanding with Seoul National University's Geographic Information Systems & Location-based Services Lab is signed, allowing for collaboration on future projects.

August, 10, 2009

Yao-Jan Wu, Xiaoyue Liu and  Xiaolei Ma attended the 2009 ITE San Antonio Annual Meeting. Yao and another ITE officer Oran Viriyincy presented a poster titiled "Safety Analysis and Improvement Proposal for the 35th Avenue SW Corridor, Seattle" (ITE_San_Antonio1)(ITE_San_Antonio2)

July, 19, 2009

ABJ70 Committee (Committee on Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Computing Applications) visited the STARLab today, and STAR Lab members briefly demonstrated their AI-related research work. (AI Committee)

June, 15, 2009

End-of-Quarter Lunch/event. We enjoyed a wonderful  Japanese Buffet, and then, we watched  traffic-related movie "Top Gear" in the STAR lab. (Lunch)

May, 18, 2009

Dr. Karen Dixon,  from the Oregon State University,  gave a speech titled "Balancing Transportation Designing , Operations, and Safety" in the CEE 500 Transportation and Construction seminar and then, Dr. Karen Dixon visited the STAR Lab. (Dr. Karen Dixon Visit)

May, 11, 2009

Dr. Scott Washburn from University of Florida visited the STAR Lab and we had a great discussion over our research. (Dr. Scott Washburn Visit)

January 11-15, 2009

Seven STAR Lab members (Dr. Yinhai Wang, Mr. Yao Jan Wu, Mr. Yegor Malinovskiy, Mr. Runze Yu, Mr. Kenneth A. Perrine, Mr. Yunteng Lao and Mr. Xiaolei Ma) attended the 88th Annual Meeting of Transportation Research Board (TRB) in Washington D.C. and presented nine papers. These papers covered a board range of issues in freeway operations, safety, travel analysis methods and pedestrians. And we also had a STAR Lab a gathering event in TRB. (TRB1) (TRB2) (TRB3) (TRB4) (TRB5) (TRB6) (TRB7)

December 3, 2008

Dr. Lawrence A. Klein, an internationally recognized expert in traffic detection and operations, came to deliver lectures in  the CEE 590 Traffic System Operations class and  STAR Lab, and STAR Lab members briefly demonstrated our research work. Then, we enjoyed the dinner together. (Bayesian Data Fusion1) (Bayesian Data Fusion2) (Sensor Technology1) (Sensor Technology2) (STAR Lab) (Dinner)

October 22, 2008

Today, Dr. Guohui Zhang gave a training and lecture on VISSIM in STAR Lab's Seminar. And also, it was the farewell party for Dr. Guihui Zhang, he contributed a lot for STAR lab, and his expertise will be a precious treasure for STAR Lab. Prof. Yinhai Wang awarded Dr. Guihui Zhang as the Shining STAR Award. We firmly believe Dr. Guohui Zhang will have a bright outlook in his future!  (Farewell Party) (Shining STAR Award)

October 7, 2008

The City of Lynnwood held a traffic control workshop for the STAR lab, and the technicians gave us instructions in using all the controllers and cabinets in the STAR Lab. At noon, we together enjoyed the lunch in UW Club. (Workshop1) (Workshop2) (Workshop3) (Workshop4) (Lunch)

September 22, 2008

The STAR Lab held a farewell party for Aivis Grislis. He had contributed a lot to the lab, we enjoyed the pizza together. (Farewell1)(Farewell2)(Farewell3)

June 13, 2008

End-of-Quarter Lunch/event. We enjoyed a wonderful Korean Grill lunch, and then, we watched  traffic-related movie "The Italian Job" in the STAR lab. (Lunch1)(Lunch2)

June 10, 2008

Guohui Zhang passed his final Ph.D. exam successfully! Congratulations to Guohui! He had been so HOT recently. (Guohui's Defense1)(Guohui's Defense2)(Guohui's Defense3)

June 6, 2008

The STAR lab award committee formally announced that Guohui Zhang was awarded the Guiding STAR Award and the Shining STAR Award.  Congratulations to to Guohui! and thanks the committee! (Ken, Runze and Aivis) (Shining STAR Award) (Guiding STAR Award)

Shining STAR Award is for the person who published most journal papers and the impact factor of these papers are taken into account. Thereafter, the person who beats Guohui's record can be granted this award.  Guiding STAR Award is for the person who contributes most to this lab in many aspects within an academic year. This award is determined by lab member's voting.

June 4, 2008

Patikhom Cheevarunothai (Num)  did  a descent job in his PhD defense and passed the final exam. Congratulations to Num! (Num's Defense1)(Num's Defense2)(Num's Defense3)

May 13, 2008

In the ITE Student night, Yao-Jan was awarded the ITE outstanding graduate student award. In addition, Yegor’s team won the second place award and Runze’s team won the third place award for the project "Traffic Calming" design competition. Congratulations to them! (Photo-award1) (Photo-award2) (Photo-award3)

May 12, 2008

Pro. Fred Mannering, from Purdue University delivered a  lecture on  "Analysis of Drivers’ Offsetting Response to Vehicle Safety Features" in CEE500 Transportation & Construction Seminar. And later on, he also visited STAR Lab, after briefly demonstrating our work, Prof. Fred Mannering gave us several very valuable comments. (Photo-lecture) (Photo-meeting1) (Photo-meeting2

April 30, 2008

Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA) visited the STAR Lab. STAR Lab members demonstrated our  research and lab resources. (Photo-visit1) (Photo-visit2) (Photo-visit3)

April 25~26, 2008

The College of Engineering's Open House was held for two days. The Star Lab demonstrated our works, including Traffic Operation Simulation, Advanced Driver Assistance System, Automated Video Detection, Traffic Signal Control, Interactive On-line Urban Traveler Information System and Jumping Car (Speed and Slope). (Photos)

April 21, 2008

Today, Prof. Chris Monsere, from Portland State University, presented the topic on "Safety Effects of Reducing Freeway Illumination for Energy Conservation" in the CEE500 Transportation & Construction Seminar, and later on, Prof. Chris Monsere also visited the STAR Lab. (Photo-visit1)(Photo-visit2)

April 5, 2008

The faculty and graduate students, including STAR Lab members, from the transportation group went kayaking with the prospective transportation graduate students at Portage Bay. (Photo-kayaking)  After this  calorie-burning event, we had pizza with other prospective students in More Hall and then had a department building and campus tour .

April 4, 2008

Today, the prospective graduate students visited our department and the STAR Lab. Prof. Wang and STAR Lab members introduced them to our research and lab resources.  (Photo-lab). Later on, we had a nice dinner in the UW faculty club, enjoying the terrific atmosphere. (Photo-dinner)

March 14, 2008

Jianyang passed his Ph.D. final defense today.  In addition to his P.E. title, he has a new title, Ph.D. Congratulations! (Photo-defense) (Photo-lunch).

March 4, 2008

Prof. Ping Yi, from University of Akron, gave all students and STAR lab members a wonderful data fusion lecture in CEE412/599. In the Lab demonstration, we received valuable comments from Prof. Yi Later on, he joined our weekly badminton practice and we all had a joyful time. (Photo-lecture) (Photo-dinner) (Photo-meeting).  

March 4, 2008

Today we had a welcome lunch with Prof. Lee, who is the  visiting scholar from Busan KyungSang College, Korea. He will be with us for the following two years. (Photo).

January 8, 2008

Guohui Zhang passed his Ph.D. general defense. Congratulations!  

December 27, 2007

Ryan Avery passed his PhD final defense at about 12:30pm today. Ryan is the first PhD student graduated from the STAR Lab. His dissertation is titled "Video Image Processing for Improved Freeway Traffic Operations". Congratulations to Ryan!

December 5, 2007

Dr.  Hojjat Adeli , from Ohio State University, delivered a  lecture in CEE320. He also visited STAR Lab and gave us several valuable comments. 

November 29, 2007

Today was Gretar's farewell party.  It was also a good chance for all the STAR Lab members to take a photo together (photo). Dr. Wang fulfilled his promise to pay for Gretar's pizza. Therefore, Gretar would be happily flying back to Iceland to fulfill his new mission of his life - getting married and have a baby asap. BTW, he is an efficient guy :P

November 21, 2007 - Gretar's thesis defense

Gretar finished his thesis defense. His thesis is titled "Field Data Based Capacity Analysis on Two-sided Freeway Weaving Sections: A Case Study on Ship Canal Bridge. Congratulations! (Photo) Due to his early accomplishment before thanksgiving holidays, Dr. Yinhai Wang would buy him a pizza to celebrate.

November 16, 2007 - TransNow student Conference

Ten students form the University of Washington attended the conference, which successfully encouraged student interaction between schools and allowed students to present their research. STAR Lab members, including Yegor Malinovskiy, Ken Perrine and Yao-Jan Wu, presented at the conference. Ken’s presentation: “ A Place to Give Feedback on Roads” tied for 1st place for Best Presentation. Yegor Malinovskiy also participated in the poster session. 

November 6, 2007

USDOT visited the STAR Lab. STAR Lab members demonstrated our  the strength in developing practical applications that help solve transportation problems.

October 3, 2007

Dr. Ben Coifman from Ohio State University visited STAR Lab. We had a good time exchanging our experience in the ITS field. After briefly demonstrating our work, we went to one of the most famous salmon restaurant in Seattle, enjoying the terrific dishes and having a wonderful conversation (Photo-meeting1)(Photo-meeting2)(Photo-dinner)

September 30~ October 3, 2007

The 10th International IEEE conference on Intelligent Transportation System was held in Seattle. STAR Lab member volunteered to assist the conference. Yao-Jan Wu presented his preliminary version of the Google-Map-Based Arterial Traveler Information (GATI) System (ppt).  Patikhom Cheevarunothai presented his paper titled "Statistical and Queuing Analyses of Freeway Incidents in Washington State".

August 18, 2007

STAR Lab member, Gretar Aevarsson, conquered Mt. Rainier. (Photo- Gretar), (Photo - On the summit), (Photo - Sunrise)

August 16, 2007

Ngan Ha Thi Nguyen passed her master's thesis defense. Her thesis is titled "Quantitative Safety Analysis for Intersections on Washington State Two-Lane Rural Highways."  Congratulations to Ha ! (Photo) ( Presentation ppt)

August 10, 2007

 STAR Lab members joined the BCC badminton tournament in Bellevue and won the second place. As shown in (Photo), everyone is happily showing their own prize, a picnic chair.

June 11, 2007

 STAR Lab held an end-of-quarter lunch. We enjoyed a terrific Greek meal!(Photo-1)(Photo-2)

June 6, 2007

Congratulations to the STAR Lab team (Num, Cyrus, Jonathan, Mike, etc.) who won the 3rd place in the CEE Open House Exhibit contest .  They worked hard on the demo about "racing car: speed and slope". Congratulations to all of the other Star Lab exhibitions as well. We received a lot of positive feedback from attendees, faculty, staff, and students, even from other departments!

April 27~28, 2007

The College of Engineering's Open House was held today. The Star Lab demonstrated our work, including Traffic Operation Simulation, Automated Video Detection, Traffic Signal Control, Interactive on-line urban traveler information system and Racing Car: Speed and Slope. (photos

April 13, 2007

Our department sponsored Professor Brian L. Smith from the University of Virginia to deliver a speech at the CEE 500 Transportation & Construction Seminar. He also visited the STAR Lab and join our meeting in which he provided us with valuable comments. Afterward, we had a wonderful dinner and sharing our experiences.  (photos)

April 12, 2007

The Star Lab members had worked for days to set up the i-dome surveillance camera. The camera is now on the roof of the More Hall (CEE building). We also thank Yiming's technical support. 

April 9, 2007

The Star Lab received the donation of the i-dome camera from COHU Camera through the WSDOT.  

April 3, 2007

In today's STAR Lab seminar, we utilized this opportunity to hold a small farewell party to thank Dr. Qian's help in the past six months. We really enjoyed this relaxing seminar and the refreshments. Again, all STAR Lab members gratefully thank Dr. Qian's assistance in our research. We also look forward to having  more collaboration between us in the near future. (photo)

April 2, 2007

The STAR Lab presented the prototype of Google-Map-Based Arterial Traffic Information System (GATI) system (Ver.1.0) for urban streets in the City of Bellevue, Washington State. Users can access the webpage from the STAR Lab homepage. This system provides the real-time and historical information. This GATI system, though presented and demonstrated by using Bellevue’s data, is a general technology that can be applied to any arterial network.

March 19, 2007

The STAR Lab held a farewell party for Atli. He had contributed a lot to the lab. We were glad to have him. We think he will contribute to his country, Iceland. Bon voyage! (photo)

Feb 22, 2007

Dr. Wang, Dr. Muench, Dr. Lowes and the STAR Lab Ph.D. students toured  the Alaskan Way Viaduct project office. Explicit explanation and a big “sand box” with actual toys showed the hardship of this project.  We also toured Company 39 to see their cutting-edge visual simulation tools. This trip gives us a view of what they use, how they do it, and how it might fit into the plans for educating future engineers.

December 15, 2006

All STAR Lab members went together for lunch in an Indian restaurant on U-Way to enjoy the end of Fall quarter. After that, we had a interesting group seminar with delicious refreshments and a fantastic movie. We also talked about major accomplishments have been achieved in 2006 and brainstormed for the future goals for 2007. As usual, the group seminar was followed by exciting badminton games in IMA. This event was a wonderful ending of this year. (photos) (Agenda)

November 16, 2006

The STAR Lab established a test base in Olympia. This test base is resulted from the cooperation between the STAR Lab and the WSDOT main office in Olympia. WSDOT had approved about $50,000 to set up this test base.The main objective of setting up this test base is to verify new traffic device (including sensors, controllers, e.g.). The test base consists of two locations: one on I-5 and another one on SR 101.(photos)

October 20, 2006

Prof. Qian Dalin, a visiting scholar from Beijing Jiaotong University, joined our group meeting held in the StarLab. She will be a significant asset of the Starlab in the following six months. Welcome Prof. Qian !

September 25~26, 2006

Vissim Advanced II training courses were held in More Hall, UW. This training helped Star Lab members become more familiar with the powerful application  in different respects.   (photo)

September 13, 2006

Mr. Matt Neeley of WSDOT came to the STAR Lab to discuss possible collaborations with the STAR Lab for evaluating advanced traffic detection devices.

September 12~14, 2006

STAR Lab members attended 3-day Vissim training courses provided by PTV Vision in More Hall, UW. The courses were mainly based on  Introductory and Advanced I sections. 

August 3, 2006

Mr. Shane Johnson from Siemens came to the STAR Lab and provided all members a 4-hour training session about the i2 system. (photos)

July 20, 2006

Mr. Dick Adams, transportation engineer at the  City of Lynnwood, visited the STAR Lab and loaned two surveillance video cameras to the STAR Lab for research and training.

July 14, 2006

Prof. Yasuo Asakura and Prof. Kohji Michioku from KOBE University visited  the STAR Lab and  saw the demonstrations of several traffic detection and analysis systems developed by the STAR Lab. (photos)

July 12, 2006

Dr. Wang and Mr. Yao-Jan Wu meet traffic engineers at the City of Bellevue to discuss setting a data link to receive Belleveu's local arterial data regularly.

July 10, 2006

Mr. Gordon Dale, president of Kar-Gor, Inc., delivered a VIP 3.2 video detection system and a video monitor to the STAR Lab. This system was donated by Trafficon, Inc. (photos)

July 6, 2006

Dr. Wang attended a meeting held at the Puget Sound Regional Council to discuss the directions of the traffic simulation center. TransNow and the WSDOT jointly funded a traffic simulation center in response to the surging need in simulation research and training. Mr. Mark Hallenbeck and Dr. Wang are co-PIs of the simulation center project.

June 8, 2006

All STAR members went together for lunch at a Mongolian restaurant on U-Way to enjoy the end of Spring quarter 2006 and talk about each member's future plan. (photos)

June 6, 2006

Mr. Yao-Jan Wu arrived in Seattle. He will pursue a PhD degree at the University of Washington under the supervision of Dr. Wang. Yao-Jan has a master degree in civil engineering from National Taiwan University. His master thesis focuses on video image processing. Welcome Yao-Jan to join the STAR Lab!

June 1, 2006

Mr. Tony Woody and Mr. Joshua Johnson successfully defended their master studies. They will complete their master's studies by the end of spring.

June 1, 2006

Dr. Wang presented the most recent findings from three STAR Lab research projects: dual-loop tune up, video traffic counter, and incident induced delay at the WSDOT research meeting held on campus in the electrical engineering building. Over 40 people from the WSDOT and the University of Washington attended the meeting.

May 16, 2006

STAR Lab members presented their research at the Washington ITE Student Night event. Mr. Jianyang Zheng won the first place award,  Yegor Malinovskiy won the second place award, and Guohui Zhang received the third place award. Congratulations to our shining stars!  

May 15, 2006

STAR Lab member, Mr. Ryan P. Avery, passed his general exam today. Ryan's PhD study will focus on video image processing for traffic data collection. 

April 28, 2006

At the 2006 Engineering Open House, several novel traffic applications from STAR Lab were shown to students of all ages from grades K-12, prospective high school & college transfer students, teachers, and all others that are interested in learning more about traffic engineering.

April 25, 2006

Mr. Jeff Wolf delivered an Autoscope SOLO Pro II video detection system to the STAR Lab. This system was donated by Econolite, Inc. (photos)

April 21, 2006

Professor Kegui Xin, associate dean of school of civil engineering at Tsinghua University, and Dr. Fatang Qiu, associate professor of Tsinghua University visited the STAR Lab. (photos)

April 20, 2006

Dr. Wang went to the City of Lynnwood to meet Mr. Paul Coffelt, project manager of the City of Lynnwood DOT, to discuss the plan for setting a video data link from the City of Lynnwood to the STAR Lab.

April 6, 2006

Ms. Andrea King and Ms. Christine Fish will leave TransNow for new jobs. Dr. Wang hosted a farewell lunch to appreciate their helps to the STAR Lab.

March 13, 2006

Dr. Wang went to the WSDOT Northwest Region to meet Mr. Vinh Dang for details of setting up the STAR Lab test-bed. The STAR Lab and the WSDOT will work together to establish a test-bed for advanced traffic detection technologies.

March 6, 2006

Dr. Wang and Mr. Mark Hallenbeck, director of Washington State Transportation Center (TRAC) visited Inrix, Inc. to discuss the possibilities of using Inrix's arterial GPS data for measuring arterial performance.

March 3, 2006

Mr. Mark Newman, WSDOT Northwest Region ITS supervisor, came to the STAR Lab to evaluate possible installations of video cameras on the top of More Hall. 

February 24, 2006

Professor Bing Zhu and Mr. Zhihua Li from Tsinghua University visited the STAR Lab. (photos)

February 17, 2006

Mr. Saeed Nowkhasteh, a traffic signal  control expert at the WSDOT came to the STAR Lab to see our current research projects and future WSDOT needs.  Mr. Nowkhasteh highly commented our traffic signal research and also commented future research directions.

February 14, 2006

Mr. John Shearer, regional sales manager of Iteris Inc., came to the STAR Lab to help set up Vantage Express. Vantage Express is a video based data collection system developed by Iteris, Inc. Iteris Inc. has been very supportive to the STAR Lab research and training.

February 9, 2006

Mike Lowry, our UW ITE Student Chapter president, won the 1st-place best presentation and the 1st-place best poster at the TransNow Student Conference in Oregon on Thursday, February 9. Additionally, Guohui Zhang, a STAR Lab member, won the 2nd-place best poster award. There were over 40 students attended the conference. Congratulations to Mike and Guohui

January 21-26, 2006

Except Ryan Avery, who is currently studying in KTU at Sweden as a Valle Scholar, all PhD students at the STAR Lab went to the 85th Annual Meeting of Transportation Research Board to present their papers at this important conference. The STAR Lab members also demonstrated their recently developed applications, including the Advanced Loop Event Data Analyzer (ALEDA), the Video-Based Vehicle Detection and Classification  (VBVDC) System, LOOP detector data SIMulator (LOOPSIM), Intersection Cycle Failure Detection System, etc, at the TransNow hospitality room on Jan. 23, 2006.

January 13, 2006

The Transportation and Construction Division at the University of Washington had a lunch meeting with senior students interested in our graduate program. All STAR Lab members went to the lunch to answer student questions about graduate courses and research topics in the STAR Lab.

January 6, 2006

Mr. Ted Trepanier, the Washington State Traffic Engineer, and Mr. Doug Brodin visited the STAR Lab and listened to our presentations about the WSDOT funded research projects.

December 29, 2005

Mr. Dick Adams, Mr. Paul Coffelt, and Mr. Albert Becerra from the City of Lynnwood visited STAR Lab and attended the presentation of ITS systems developed by STAR Lab members.

December 15, 2005

Quarter end dinner! This year we went to a Vietnamese restaurant recommended by Ha. In the past two years, we had our quarter end dinners at American, Mexican, Korea, Chinese, and Thai restaurants.  

November 30, 2005

STAR Lab member, Mr. Jianyang Zheng, passed his general exam today. Jianyang's PhD study will focus on intersection performance. 

November 17, 2005

Dr. Nagabhushana Rao Sanakkayala, director of the Engineering Staff College of India, visited the STAR Lab and made a presentation about current transportation scenario in India.

November 12, 2005

Professor Qixin Shi from Tsinghua University and Dr. Ryosuke Anto, Chief Research Engineer, from
Toyota Transportation Research Institute (TTRI) visited the STAR Lab and discussed potential collaborations in ITS research.

November 9, 2005

Dr. Wang and Patikhom Cheevarunothai attended the 12th World Congress on ITS in San Francisco to present a scientific paper of Advanced Loop Event Data Analyzer (ALEDA) system.

October 13, 2005

The STAR Lab at the University of Washington hosted a demonstration session at the TransNow regional meeting. Members of the STAR Lab showed recent progress of our ITS research.  (click for a picture)

September 6, 2005

Mr. Morgan Balogh, Mr. Micheal Forbis, and Mr. Vinh Dang from the WSDOT's NorthWest Regional Office visited the STAR lab and watched the demos of all the advanced transportation systems developed by the STAR members. (click for a picture)

August 29, 2005

Dr. Wang visited Tsinghua University and watched traffic detection demos from Dr. Xiqin Wang's research group. Dr. Wang also met Dr. Huapu Lu, Dr. Kegui Xin, Dr. Qixin Shi, Dr. Jing Shi, Dr. Ruimin Li, and Dr. Danya Yao. Dr. Wang also met Dr. Shouqing Wang and Mr. Shu Yang and talked about possible cooperation in remote education between the University of Washington Educational Outreach (UWEO) and Tsinghua University Institute of International Engineering Project Management.

August 28, 2005

Dr. Wang and Dr. Wei (University of Cincinnati) met professors at Beijing University of Technology for academic exchange and future cooperation. Beijing University of Technology is one of the leading universities in transportation research.

August 25, 2005

Dr. Wang visited Harbin Institute of Technology and delivered a lecture titled "Traffic Detection Research at the STAR Lab."

August 15, 2005

Mr. Paul Coffelt and Mr. Albert Becerra at the City of Lynnwood kindly held an intensive traffic signal training for STAR Lab members. This training provided vital hand-on experience of traffic signal systems. (click for pictures)

August 4, 2005  

A delegation seeking for effective solutions to the deteriorating traffic congestion in Beijing visited the STAR Lab. Visitors and researchers in the STAR Lab exchanged opinions on countermeasures against traffic congestion.

June 22, 2005  

Ryan Avery presented STAR Lab research at the Northern Plains-Pacific Freight Mobility Center meeting. People from the Washington State Department of Transportation, U.S. Department of Transportation, University of Washington, Washington State University, and North Carolina State University attended this meeting.

June 21-27, 2005  

Dr. Wang visited the University of Tokyo and Kobe University. He presented his research research on traffic detection systems at the ITS committee of the Japan Society of Civil Engineers (JSCE). He also exchanged research findings with colleagues in Kobe University at the Second Kobe University - University of Washington International Symposium on Design Strategy towards Safety and Symbiosis of Urban Space.

June 17, 2005  

Mr. John Shearer, regional sales manager of the Iteris, Inc, loaned a Video Image Processor (VIP) to the STAR Lab for ITS related training. This VIP is the latest video detection product of Iteris.

June 13, 2005  

Mr. Jianyang Zheng, Mr. Guohui Zhang, and Dr. Wang attended the 2005 Annual Meeting of Washington ITE. The meeting was held in the Museum of Flight in Seattle.

June 4-7, 2005  

Dr. Wang went to Kansas City for the joint meeting of the AASHTO Standing Committee on Planning; the AASHTO Subcommittee on Systems Operations Management; the TRB Freeway Operations Committee; and the TRB Regional Transportation Systems Management Operations Committee.

June 1-2, 2005  

Dr. Wang attended the "ABC's of Integrating Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Public Safety, Security, and Emergency Management Symposium - II" in Las Vegas and presented STAR Lab's recent research work about multi-purpose applications of roadway surveillance video cameras.

May 26, 2005  

Ryan Avery, Patkhom Cheevarunothai, and Dr. Wang went to the Transportation Data Office of the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) to report the progress on two WSDOT-funded research projects and demonstrate the video data collection system and the Advanced Loop Event Data Analyzer (ALEADA).

May 18, 2005  

Ryan Avery won the ITE Student Scholarship offered by Washington ITE.

May 4, 2005  

Patikhom Cheevarunothai (Num)'s demonstration project: Count Cars with Inductance Loop Detectors won the second place Best Teaching Presentation Award for the 2005 Engineering Open House Event! 

April 22-23, 2005  

The STAR Lab held six demonstrations for the Engineering Open House Event. Approximately 15,000 people visited this event. The STAR Lab's traffic signal control system demonstration attracted many people. A picture about this demonstration was  published on the cover page of the University Week, a faculty and staff newspaper at the University of Washington.

April 17, 2005  

The research team at the STAR Lab finished collecting data for the Phase I test of the Phase I test of the Transit Signal Priority (TSP) System in south Snohomish County. The data set contained two-week data: one week data with the TSP system on and the other week data with the TSP system off.

April 8, 2005  

Dr. Takamasa Iryo visited the STAR Lab. Dr. Iryo is a faculty member at Department of Civil Engineering in Kobe University in Japan.

April 5-7, 2005  

Dr. Wang went to San Diego, CA, to attend the NSF CMS Infrastructure & Information Systems (IIS) Proposal Workshop. This workshop was held concurrently with 2005 the ASCE Construction Research Congress.

April 4, 2005  

Representatives from Siemens and Western Traffic Systems, Inc., came to install i2 TMS, a popular traffic management system used by many transportation agencies in Washington State.

March 28, 2005  

Data collection for the Phase I test of the Transit Signal Priority (TSP) System in south Snohomish County restarted today after the TSP hardware problems were fixed.

March 19-22, 2005  

Mr. Jianyang Zheng went to Tucson, Arizona, to attend the 2005 IEEE International Conference on Networking, Sensing and Control conference and presented a paper about data collection using GPS.

March 4, 2005  

Representatives from Western Traffic Systems, Inc. came to the STAR Lab to install ACTRA, a popular traffic management system developed by Siemens. A Model EPAC3408M52 Nema ATC Controller (Dual RS232 unit) and a 2070L controller will be connected to this system for related research.

February 24-25, 2005  

Dr. Wang attended the "Transportation Leadership Forum: Breaking Gridlock With Technology" conference at the Microsoft Conference Center. This conference was organized by the Cascadia Center of Discovery Institute. Transit and freight transportation issues were discussed at the conference.

February 17, 2005  

Ms. Zohreh Zandi came to the STAR Lab for a meeting regarding the Phase I test of the Transit Signal Priority (TSP) System in south Snohomish County. Due to the mistakes in timestamps of the TSP logged data, all our data collected since January 25 will be wasted. The research team at the STAR Lab have to wait to resume our data collection work until the hardware problem is fixed.

January 25, 2005  

Phase I test for the Transit Signal Priority (TSP) System in south Snohomish County is scheduled to start today. The research team at the STAR Lab have put 12 VCRs in four intersection control cabinets for recording video images at the test intersections. These video data will be used to extract import information for calculating the primary Measures of Effectiveness (MOEs), such as link travel time and vehicle delay.

January 16, 2005

Four STAR Lab members (Dr. Yinhai Wang, Mr. Ryan Avery, Mr. Patikhom Cheevarunothai, and Mr. Jianyang Zheng) attended the 84th Annual Meeting of Transportation Research Board (TRB) in Washington D.C. and presented six papers. These papers covered a board range of issues in traffic control, freeway operations, and traffic simulation theories.

January 6, 2005

Ryan Avery won the Tom Ballard Scholarship!

December 16, 2004

Mr. Joon-Ki Kim has successfully passed the final exam of his MSCE. He is the first STAR launched from the STAR Lab. Mr. Kim will go to Washington University for his Ph.D. study in January 2005.

December 2, 2004

The City of Lynnwood donated three 2070L controllers to the STAR Lab for traffic control research. Transportation engineers (Mr. Dick Adams, Mr. Paul Coffelt, and Mr. Mike Taylor) at the City of Lynnwood have been long time supporters to the STAR Lab research and teaching. We sincerely appreciate the helps from the City of Lynnwood.

November 19, 2004  

Mr. Ryan Avery, Mr. Patikhom Cheevarunothai, Mr. Guohui Zhang, and Mr. Jianyang Zheng attended the TransNow Graduate Student Conference hosted by Portland State University. Each of them made at least one presentations at the conference.

September 22, 2004

The STAR Lab presented its latest research findings to visitors from the U.S. Department of Transportation (please visit USDOT Site Visit for details) and received great comments.

September 20, 2004

The STAR Lab is relocated to More 112, a larger room than More 110A, previous home of the STAR Lab. A live video feed fiber is connected to the STAR Lab. The STAR Lab is able to access full motion video streams from all surveillance cameras deployed by the Washington State Department of Transportation.

September 16, 2004

Mr. Guohui Zhang joined the STAR Lab as a Ph.D. student with Research Assistant appointment. Mr. Zhang received his master's degree in automation from Tsinghua University in 2003.

August 2004

The City of Bellevue donated a newer NEMA cabinet to replace an older cabinet of the same model in the STAR Lab. Mr. Mike Whiteaker, transportation engineering at the City of Bellevue, came to the STAR Lab for the donation and attended our STAR Lab seminar.

May 22, 2004

Dr. Robert Bertini and several ITS Lab members at Portland State University visited the STAR Lab at the University of Washington for a study exchange meeting. This event was sponsored by TransNow. Students from PSU and UW had a join BBQ event and watched a Mariner's game together. Students found it very helpful to exchange research information between the two universities.

April 2004

  • STAR Lab website preliminary development.

  • Washington State Department of Transportation donated the 170-Type Cabinet and the Traffic Signal Plate.

  • UW Engineering Open House

March 26, 2004

The paper "Can Single-Loop Detectors Do the Work of Dual-Loop Detectors?", co-authored by Dr. Yinhai Wang and Dr. Nancy Nihan, won the ASCE Journal of Transportation Engineering Best Paper Award for 2003.

February 27, 2004

The STAR Lab received its first donation from the City of Bellevue. It was a retired NEMA cabinet (fully loaded). Mr. Mike Whiteaker and two of his colleagues delivered the cabinet to the STAR Lab and explained to students how the cabinet works. Now, the STAR Lab has its first piece of traffic control device for research and education!

January 29, 2003

Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) has decided to make the STAR Lab its remote training center. Training provided in the STAR Lab will help WSDOT cut down the training period for interns and new employees from the University of Washington.

September 16, 2003

The STAR Lab is founded. Following Dr. Yinhai Wang's proposal, TransNow and the CEE Department decided to establish the Smart Transportation Applications & Research Laboratory (STAR Lab). The STAR Lab is located in More 110A on the University of Washington's main campus in Seattle.